cropped-hidden_secret.jpgI find it easier to express myself by writing. I don’t like talking much nowadays because I noticed that no one really paid attention to what I’m trying to say. Either they got bored or they just don’t care. So I stopped talking… or at least tried to. I keep a journal and whenever I feel really down I just grab my journal and started pouring everything into it. It felt great.

I started keeping a journal recently after my seperation with my husband. Damn him…words can’t describe how I feel… but I know my heart is broken for a very long time.

This year, my sister encourage me to start writing because I have a difficulty expressing myself. She said I should start keep one again and let someone I trust to read my journal in order to understand me better. Yeah, I fell in love with it and begin to write and I can’t stop…lol

Anyway, it worked though. I feel like I can express myself better now. At one point, I am not ready..I don’t know how my friends will react if I let them read my journal. Oh I didn’t write any bad stuff about them of course. But I really wrote everything about myself, my seperation, life I used to be married and will continue on my daily routine…all the thoughts inside of this journal. Maybe one day I will let them read my journal.

To be continued.