GetAttachment  Weekend is the only day for the cellist man, finding time for himself. Unfortunately, that day, he is struggling waking up. Next to him, young exotic asian woman sleeping quietly in her thoughtful sleep. Her dark long hair, sweep her famine face, her smell, her smile, distracted the peacefulness of the cellist man, whom is not common for him. As he see her, he can’t resist her, the smile, the look of her dark round eyes, tempted the cellist  man to kiss her soft thin lips. Arghhh… he smile happily, waking up, what a beautiful morning.

Days goes by, as he force himself to wake up, look at the mirror, staring at the lines around his eyes, hmmm, is so dry and dehydrated. The dense wet cold day that hung over the face of land, lies a blanket, prevented all hope of sleep in the first instance… He turn to his bed, where has she been? The young exotic woman have left and the room is fill with emptiness. No laugh, no life, deep silent…except his heart beat, and his lost soul. Ugh, is this the end?

He wonder, gazing blankly at the four walls, finding his soul, finding what went wrong? What is missing? He wonder..when will this disappear and come to reality?

Year 2014 came the young, dark yet ambitious man, travelling all the way from uptown Cyprus, make his way to the sin island called Malta. Hoping to reach for the sky and pursuing his career as an accountant and more. In addition leading toward his passion in music, he wonder, will he able to do it? Thinking, observing, indecisive what he want in his life, as too much temptation and distraction that had happened to his current life.

Continuing his daily routine, waking up at 7am, have a cuppa with toast and cheese..check emails and off to work. The white collar job is very rare and unusual for a talented cellist player like himself. Apart of being away with family and friends from hometown, he progressively require to report to his boss who sat at Cyprus office, eyes like a tiger, his mind always rolling, working every single day and night, anxiously waiting for more money, business to come, not enough with the current revenue, he want more and more fortune..sadly and poor young cellist, he has to work triple job in order to fulfil his boss needs and running the small firm in Malta.

He recalled, the firm started with only him and has now grow. The firm has recruited, two lawyers and one accountant, himself. He is the key person, to run the office, responsible of all the firm’s accounts, bank, transactions, signatories, grievances from the existing clients, replenish the pantry, the first and last person to leave office as well act as a “relationship therapy cum listener” to his own colleague at times require..whew! What more you can ask for? The poor cellist and as an accountant at the same, to do everything without complaining and live his life to its fullest and deliver the task with a smile and open arm.

Nobody else he can turn to..who and how can he express his sorrow..none other his only beloved “cello”. If the cello can speak, he will tell him, “ open your eyes, listen to me and wake up”. “Play me, Please Play me everyday and be yourself and be of who you really are”. Unfortunately the cellist man unable to hear his voice within.

To be continued