When your marriage is over, your world feels like it’s been turned upside down. One moment your life is filled with love and affection, caring and being supportive for one another, waking up each day with a smile on your face, ready to face the world … and then, boom! A bomb is dropped in your life suddenly, like a glass vase falling off your shelf. Pieces everywhere, emotions intensely prevalent and then, you are at a loss, not knowing exactly caused this to occur.

End the marriage amiably so that we can still be friends. I don’t even want this to happen, I wanted a committed happy marriage and I thought love could overcome everything and he will return back to me but I guess he no longer loves me anymore.

I guess I can’t let go so easily to even go into annulment or divorce but I don’t have any other options left as he wants this path out.

It takes 2 hands to clap… Luckily or unluckily, we do not have any kids yet.

It’s just the assets we have, breaking all the news to our loved ones, hmmmm

I care too much for him and now I am really lost as to what I should do… I understand the difference between annulment and divorce but am in a huge dilemma on the route to take…

I have been separated for days already, however, the recovery process seems to take forever.

It’s like you thought that you are able to move on with your life already and then he continuously email and messaging my family members, saying how much he missed me, love me, and he need me…how I feel?  but then, with this, I have to go through the whole emotional stages again…grief, denial, acceptance etc.

I am now staying with mum. I choose to remain silent and in order to heal my broken heart. Now, in my heart is quiet. I don’t hear his nagging, the clicking of his fingers on his laptop or his farting in my presence. I don’t hear him leaving and returning. I love this quietness. I am finding myself.

My life may no longer have the love of a man, but I am fine. I know that Allah will always in my life, I will get through this and come out a winner. So what if I don’t ever find love again?

Goodbye, you cheating, egotistical, uncaring, lousy jerk of a man! Hello, my new life as a single, and looking forward to wider my career level.

I am currently unemployed and facing anxiety everyday. Please raise your voice, anyone out there in the same boat?